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  To convert Unicode to Krutidev, just paste the Unicode text into the Unicode textbox and click "Convert to Krutidev" button. Actually, You don't need to click Convert to Krutidev button all the times because on keypress automatically the enterted text will be converted to Krutidev. The converted Krutidev text will be shown on the Krutidev textbox.

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  You can share the converted Krutidev text to others via WhatsApp or Gmail by clicking the respective buttons. You can also download the converted Kruti Dev text as a MS Office Word file. It is very easy to clear the inputted text by clicking the "Clear Text" button. To copy the converted Kruti Dev text jst click the "Copy" button. The text will be copied to clipboard. For Krutidev text to work on your computer, you need to download and install Krutidev font from our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kruti Dev?

Kruti Dev is a Non-Unicode Devanagari Hindi font which is used to type Hindi language. If you want to view Devanagari font in computer then you need to install Kruti Dev 010 font.

Why Kruti Dev Font is famous?

Kruti dev 010 font is very famous in India because In North Indian states, for government exams such as clerk, stenographer, and data entry operator Krutidev typeface is used. If you want to become a clerk, stenographer, or data entry operator then you must have to learn Kruti dev typing.

How to Convert Unicode to Krutidev?

Visit "www.unicodetokrutidev.codingdiksha.com" and type the Unicode text you want to convert in the Unicode textbox . The Unicode text will be converted to Krutidev automatically upon keypress and shown on the Krutidev textbox. If not click "Convert to Krutidev" button.

How to Download Kruti Dev Font?

You can download Kruti Dev font for free easily from our website "www.unicodetokrutidev.codingdiksha.com". Once you have downloaded, just double click the font file to install.

What is Unicode Font?

Unicode font is a computer font that maps glyphs to code points defined in the Unicode Standard. Unicode font can be used in all devices such as Computers, smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook's that's why Unicode fonts are very popular.